Miss T's Sets

Locally owned shop in Havana, FL, for Gifts with a Bridal Registry and Wine Bar. Visit us for Silicone Lids, Kitchen Gadgets, Stemware,
Jewelry, Home Fragrances, Flameless Candles, Dinnerware and Cookware.

Who We Are

Miss T's Sets is a locally owned business dedicated to providing customers in North Florida and South Georgia with the finest Dinnerware, Flatware, Wine and Beer Glasses and Cookware. We also carry Accent/Table Lamps. We have a range of contemporary and classic designs to cater for all tastes.

Silicone lids and other Kitchen Gadgets are popular items in the store. If you like pure water we have the Mavea water filter pitchers that fit nicely in your fridge door.

Flameless candles and the Aquaflame candles are a major attraction.

Customers from all over the region are warmly welcomed into an environment where quality and personal service are paramount.

Miss T's Sets has a Registry for Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays.